Friday, September 26, 2014

Handing over a petition to the politicians

A petition highlighting the issues of the fisheries sector, issues of women headed families and the basic issues which should be solved immediately in  15 villages was handed over the Assistance District Secretary , Fisheries Minister of Northern Province and the President of Urban Counci in Mannar on 24 September 2014. The representatives of the citizen forum in Musali, committee of  women headed families related to National Fisheries Solidarity Movement, citizen and Northern Province Fisher People Unity participated to the campaign.

More than 100 participants consisting of fisherman and women coming  from above sectors  participated to the event. Campaigners marched to the town of Mannar from the district office of National Fisheries Solidarity Movement displaying the banners to hand over the petition.

The Assistance District Secretary agreed to be concerned this petition to the District Secretary and she concerned to convene a meeting on fisheries issues. The Assistance District Secretary mentioned to direct those issues to the women officer in the divisional secretariat office to further process. 

Accepting the petition, the Fisheries Minister of Northern Province explained what they have planned to implement for the people  in future. He promised to solve the unemployment issues of  the women headed families especially in Pallimune and Thottaweli as well as he requested from National Fisheries Solidarity Movement to develop a plan on that purpose. The Fisheries Minister hopes to function through the district committees which were established by him to solve the issues of fisheries sector in district level. 

The president and the vice president of the Urban Council requested to be concerned the issues of the divisional secretariat domain for the Urban Council. They hope to convene a discussion inviting to the representatives in regional level soon.
Some unidentified group always resorted behind the people and the activators when the people were marching to the town and handing over the petition. They took photos and videos of the participants even some participants had questioned by them. The representatives informed to the police about this incident. 

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