Friday, September 12, 2014

Focus group discussion in Kondachchikda, Musali

The focus group meeting related to the citizen forum process was organized in Kondachchikuda, Musali local government domain in Mannar district on 23rd of August 2014. The program coordinator, district coordinator, animators and committee leader participated to the meeting. There was a reasonable participation of the citizens in village level. 

This process was restarted because of requesting the citizen forum. The citizen forum concerned to conduct focus group meeting in each village properly. The focus group discussions are very useful to aware and organize people base on the citizen forum. The citizen forum decided to hold focus group meeting in every month. 

It emphasized about the important of strengthening the citizen forum process on making sure the citizen  rights. Participants intervened to the discussion explaining the burning issues they are facing in the existing situation. According to the members of focus group members, land grabbing is the most important issue of the people. The members agreed to engage with the citizen forum process properly. 

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